> For just $7.5 billion, you could have bought Apple — in January 2004. That leaves $1 billion to


[John Gruber](http://daringfireball.net/linked/2011/05/11/apple-2004)



Link: iLounge : White vs Black iPhone 4 Camera Performance

> In any case, the white iPhone 4 is as safe of a purchase today as the black version is—if you’re still considering the purchase of an iPhone 4, there’s no strong reason other than aesthetic taste to choose one color over the other. Late though it was, Apple appears to have fixed or significantly mitigated the engineering issues that plagued the white iPhone 4, leaving only the black pill-shaped proximity sensor as an awkward little scar on an otherwise beautiful design.

Black FTW.


Link: Win Over Your Customers the Steve Jobs Way

> ##See genius in your customers.

> Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak can teach all business leaders a valuable lesson–See the genius in your customers. Your customers don’t care about your product, service, or business. They care about themselves and their hopes, dreams and ambitions. Help them achieve their dreams and you’ll win them over. How do you help your customers achieve their dreams? Sure, “listen” to them. But listening isn’t the same as “knowing” your customer really, really well.