Link: Microsoft has received five times more income from Android than from Windows Phone

Microsoft gets $5 for every HTC phone running Android.

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Link: Windows Phone 7 “Mango” for developers: one heck of an upgrade

Sum up the main stuffs :

* *Limited* Multitasking (similar to Apple’s)
* Revamp browser. The core engine now use IE 9’s engine which claimed to be fastest compared to iOS and Android.
* HTML 5 support (Video playback support h.264).
* Twitter Integration in People Hub.
* 1500 new APIs which opening the door to some must have stuffs like augmented reality, in-application barcode scanning, and full network access.
* New hardware baseline, which will be announced later.


Link: Financial Post Interview with Nokia CEO Stephen Elop

> ##Why Windows Phone and not Android?
As a member of the Android ecosystem, there were ways that we could see that we could differentiate, but we were worried over time how much differentiation we could continue to maintain or extend.

>In our relationship with Microsoft, because of the unique nature of the relationship between our two companies, we believe we have a very strong capability to differentiate. I’d emphasize here, differentiate from whom? Who are we competing with? The Windows Phone effort between Nokia and Microsoft, by far the competitive focus is on Android and Apple. What about competing with Samsung around Windows Phone devices? That is not our principle concern. Our principle concern is to compete with the entire Android ecosystem, as well As Apple.

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Link: An iPhone Lover’s Take On Windows Phone

MG Siegler @ Techcrunch ถึง Windows Phone 7:

Windows Phone is completely different. From the homescreen tiles to the UI (codenamed Metro), when I’m using it, I don’t feel like I’m using a poor-man’s iPhone. I feel like I’m using something new. That’s jarring for some people considering the apps-on-the-screen model has been so dominant in the smartphone market up until now. But if Microsoft is able to scale Windows Phone into an actually successful product, they’ll have a lot of competitors copying a lot of what they’re doing.